Do you know these paw-care essentials?

Your dog’s paws are amazing things. They grip, act like little shock absorbers, and keep balance. Dogs even sweat through their paws, and control their body temperature by giving them a good lick.

Whether you’ve got an intrepid puppy or set-in-their ways senior dog, here’s how you can look after your best friend’s paws.

Do daily paw checks

It’s easy for stones and splinters to get stuck in between your dog’s toes. So it’s a good idea to check their paws daily, feeling between the pads and wheeching out any debris with tweezers.

Daily paw check

Got a street pooch? Watch the pavement for broken glass. It’ll help if you teach your dog to ‘stop’ on command when you spot anything nasty in their path. And keep some training treats – such as Light Bites – on you at all times.

Keep a doggie first aid kit

It’s a good idea to keep a doggie first aid kit in case your dog cuts or grazes a paw. Pack it with antibacterial wash to clean the cut, antiseptic cream to apply after, and bandages to wrap up the paw. If your dog has a deep cut, you’ll have to pay a visit to the vet.

Paw First Aid Kit

Keep in step with the seasons

In summer, try to avoid walking your dog on hot pavement or sand which can blister their paws. In winter, paws can dry out and crack. If the ground feels too hot or cold to the back of your hand, your dog will feel the same. To help, you can buy special protective doggie boots, and if their pads dry out, there’s even special doggie moisturiser for paws too.

Boots for paws

Trim their nails

If your dog’s nails ‘click’ on the ground, it’s time to clip them. Trimming nails can be stressful for dogs, especially if you have to enlist the help of a vet. If your dog is sensitive about its paws, walking on pavement helps keep them blunt. You should also trim the hair in between the pads to avoid painful matting.

Paw massage

Move at your dog’s pace

You’ll soon get to know your breed and their exercise needs. So if you walk your Blood Hound like a Border Collie, for example, you’ll hurt their paws and joints. Similarly, if your dog loves fetch, try to play on grass. Too much running and jumping on concrete takes its toll on their hips and feet.

Jumping dog

Another tip is to give your dog food and treats like Let’s Roll! Salmon and rice snacks with glucosamine and chondroitin. They sound scary, but these natural supplements hydrate skin and lubricate joints. Salmon oil also contains essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which moisturise paws and ease inflamed skin.


One potato, two potato, three potato; four

You’ll find vitamins A, C and E in potatoes, which together, can help heal paws and produce collagen which encourages healthy skin. High five! So food and treats with potato as a second ingredient will also help your pooch.

Give ’em a paw massage

Dogs love to be pampered, even more than us. If you gently rub between their pads, you’ll calm them down and help their blood circulation. Oh, and gain a friend for life.

Discover how treats can help your dog from paw to tail.

Title image from Marc Smith @Flickr.

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