12 ways to keep your dog cool and safe this summer

“In the summer time, when the weather is hot”… sounds like Mungo Jerry but it’s just us – with some vital tips that should help your dog handle the heat.

1. Never leave your pet in the car in warm weather. Goes without saying, but some ‘in-too-big-a-rush’ pet owners still commit this serious crime.

I'm awake!
I’m awake!

2. Wake up earlier and get in a nice walk while the air’s fresh and cool. Wait till the temperature drops in the evening before walking your dog again.

3. If you’re out on a jaunt and your dog is continually searching for shade to walk in or lies down a lot, take him home. Carry him if you can, he could be in distress.

Short back and sides, please.

4. You don’t need to shave a long-haired pooch’s coat in the summer. It may seem like a good idea, but the coat helps a dog control his own temperature and will protect him from sunburn or possible skin cancer. If unsure, seek a vet’s advice.

5. If you own a French Bulldog or other Pug, don’t take him out when it’s too hot. Dogs don’t sweat, they pant and panting can cause the airways of these types of dogs to swell.

I don't do heat, take me home!
I don’t do heat, take me home!

6. Don’t cool a dog down with an ice pack. Use room temperature water if possible and, if you don’t have air-con in the house, coax him to lie down in front of a fan. Scooshing your dog with water-mist is another welcome refresher.

7. If you’ve got a garden, place one of those hard plastic paddling pools in a shady spot and fill it with a hose. Or get a special doggie mat like this one.

I'm just chilling
I’m just chilling

8. Place several water bowls in the shade so your pooch won’t get dehydrated if one spills over.

9. Never leave any alcoholic beverages around that your thirsty doggie friend can get at. Always have a look around when hosting parties.

Take it away, I'm done.
Take it away, I’m done.

10. Take your dog to the beach or down by a safe river for a swim and a slurp. Make sure there is some shade handy. Dogs like sunning themselves, too, but shouldn’t be exposed for too long.

11. If you’re worried the ground, pavement or beach sand is too hot, consider some doggie boots to cover the paws. If a surface feels hot to the back of your hand, your dog will feel it also.

Boots for paws
Do they come in high-tops?

Finally: If it’s too hot and humid for you to be sitting outside, it is for your dog too.

Pics from blocker1501 and Christine @Flickr.

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