Meet the celebs who rescued their dogs

The Dogs Trust has been saving and re-homing dogs for an amazing 125 years.

To mark this milestone, the charity has released a book – Dogs and Their Faithful Celebrities – which features 50 pooches and their A-list chaperones.

Let’s meet some of them…

You raise me up
You raise me up

Ronan Keating with Aussie

Talking about his 20-month-old Pug Aussie, Keating recalls, “She was cute when we first collected her from the breeder. She was so tiny, she reminded me of a baked potato.” Nothing’s gonna change your love, Ronan.

Have you got my good side?

Charlotte Hawkins and Bailey

TV presenter Charlotte speaks of the first time she let Terrier Cross Bailey off the lead. “She ran straight into the pond that was covered in weeds, so she hadn’t noticed it wasn’t grass! I had to throw myself on the ground and pull her out – getting absolutely covered in pond weed and dirty water at the same time.”

What do I say?
You can’t squat there, Pete.

Pete Wicks with Eric and Ernest

Talking of his French Bulldogs Eric and Ernest, reality TV puppet Pete confides, “the dogs refuse to let any woman sit near me on the bed or sofa. They get in between us so that they get all the attention and if that doesn’t work they tend to lick the woman non-stop so she leaves me alone.” Yeah, that’s what it is Pete.

I lick your face!
I lick your face!

Kate Nash with Stella

Don’t mention wheels to singer-songwriter Kate. She says Stella’s “hatred of wheels is really embarrassing. When you’re trying to sit and have lunch and she leaps across the table spilling everything everywhere. And if someone in a wheelchair comes past I feel like I have to shout, ‘My dog’s not evil! It’s the wheels!’”


James Haskell and Aero

Rugby star James admits Labrador / Weimaraner Cross Aero is boss, saying, “He only plays on his terms, or he goes back to the house. If you don’t give him attention he jumps on you.” Then turns-over the ball…

Downtown boy.
Down-town, boys.

Lesley Nicol with Bertie and Freddie

Downtown Abbey star Lesley describes Tibetan Terrier Bertie as a “show-off, dramatic and entertaining”. While Poodle Freddie is the “shy, joyful and loving” foil. A bit like the Earl of Grantham, then.

Climb on board
Climb on board

Labrinth and Laika

The pop star describes his Chihuahua as “intelligent, nurturing and intuitive. Laika can sniff illness of any kind. And she will sit next to you and make sure you’re ok.” You have to let the dogs run wild Labrinth.

To the park, human!

Vikki Stone with Bert and Lilly

Multitalented Vikki adopted Bert and Lily from Dogs Trust in Kenilworth. She reveals, “Lily wouldn’t go near water, and then Bert taught her it was fun to play in the stream which was lovely, until one day, I look out the garden window, and see Lily chest deep in the pond trying to make friends with the goldfish, with a huge grin on her face!”

One man and his dog
One man and his dog

Ben Fogle and Storm

When not stranded on Channel 5, Fogle takes his loyal Labrador everywhere. He says Storm is “funny, loyal and happy…She loves us and we love her. She brings optimism and happiness into our lives.” Aww.


Hayley Tamaddon

Coronation Street’s Hayley remembers picking up Hayley from Dogs Trust. “He was so excited he just weed everywhere!”

Dogs and Their Faithful Celebrities (Dogs Trust/Blink Publishing) is out now. All £9.99 goes to Dogs Trust. Pics and quotes from The Mirror.

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