Woman builds miniature doggie bedroom under the stairs – and it’s inspired

When Betty McCall, a retired teacher from Georgia, USA, moved into her new home, she intended to use the space under the stairs for her dog’s crate.

But then she thought of something far better…

A miniature bedroom for 4-year-old Chihuahua, Poncho – fitted out with teeny, to-scale furniture and décor. Zing!

This is actually happening
This is actually happening

The brainwave hit her when she found a brass doll bed at a car boot sale.

To complement the petite dresser she later found, Betty’s sisters Gail and Carol helped out by making Poncho a teeny lamp, tiny rug, ickle wall antlers and teensy sombrero. Why not?!

You may enter.
You may enter.

But it gets better.

The ladies even made a miniature version of that famous painting. As Betty reveals, “We added the dogs-playing-poker picture because it was just too funny.”

Who lives in a house like this?
Who lives in a house like this?

And she didn’t stop there.

There’s a not-so-grand piano in the corner, presumably for when Poncho is entertaining. And a mini landscape painting to pull the room together.

Betty and Poncho

Betty explains that Poncho “gets nervous and snippy” around people and loud noises, so he escapes to his room and even sleeps there at night. And it’s just big enough for her to sneak a hoover head in there and keep it clean.

Do they make dwarf Dysons?
Do they make dwarf Dysons?

“Poncho likes his room”, Betty beams. But she admits he “does look like a house elf” from Harry Potter.

Pics and quotes from Buzzfeed.

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