Cool tips for an autumn walk

One of life’s great pleasures is striding out with our four-legged pal(s) on an Indian Summer’s day walk.

There aren’t as many bugs and ticks around, the air is fresh, even crisp and the colours are awesome.

A challenging trail will also toughen up those doggie paws in preparation for the harsh winter ahead. But we’re not there yet – so it’s important to stay cool and avoid nasty sunburns. Here’s how to do it….

They not do baggy Ts?
They not do baggy Ts?

1) Something as simple as a spare white T-shirt will help protect your dog from too much sun exposure. (Remember, dark colours attract heat.)

2) Pack a spray bottle filled with water for a quick cool-down. You can buy water bottles – especially for dogs – like this one, too. (Look inside your box for 25% off Long Paws doggie accessories.)

Keep it coming
Keep it coming

3) Brush down your dog’s coat before leaving the house. That’ll remove any excess fur that could stop him cooling down.

4) Noted holistic vet Dr. Ihor Basko recommends sharing a can of coconut water with your pet along the trail. It boosts electrolytes.

You bring Scatch?
You seen my electrolytes about?

5) Splashing along the shore of a safe river / sea is a welcome refresher. Fun, too.

6) Bring lots of water, treats and, when stopping for lunch, look for a shady spot to rest.

Let's chill here
Let’s chill here

7) If your dog is constantly seeking out shade, it’s time to quit. If you can carry your pet back to the car, even better.

8) Of course, never go walking when there’s a risk of loud, scary thunderstorms.

9) Last, and most important of all, have fun and don’t forget your camera phone!

Pics from Aine, Andrew Lynch, Kricket and Rob Sinclair @Flickr, and the Long Paws website.

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