Sausage Dog racing is real – and there’s a video to prove it

Trust the Australians to celebrate Oktoberfest. Then add their own spin on it with Sausage Dog racing.

Yup, you heard us.

A link of sausage dogs

Every year, My Dachshund Online teams up with a Melbourne bar to host the Hophaus Annual Dachshund Race.

Over 70 pooches compete in 12 heats, with sausage dogs speeding along a 15 metre course.

What was my time?

There’s a costume parade too. Last year’s ‘Best Dressed Dachshund’ award went to a doggy bus.

The event raises more than chuckles though, with proceeds going to Dachshund Rescue Australia.

Don’t worry, there’s a video.

Whether your dog is racing or going for a gentle stroll, remember to pack them some water. Here are more tips to keep your pooch cool and safe while out and about.

Pics from Fox and Hophause website. Video from Mail Online.

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