Meet the world’s smallest working dog

When someone says “working dog”, you picture a German Shepherd, wearing aviator sunglasses, rescuing someone from a burning building. Well, we do anyway.

You probably won’t picture this guy.


This is Lucy – who’s just been named the World’s Smallest Working Dog by Guinness World Records.

Lucy is an 8-year-old Teacup Yorkie, weighing in at 2.5 lbs. and standing 5.7 inches high.

She’s so dainty that owner Sally Montufar, from Jersey USA, has to watch seagulls don’t swoop in and carry her away. It helps Lucy is sometimes pared with Great Dane, Cooper, in her working dog duties.

'To the mall, my man!'
‘To the mall, my man!’

Lucy works as a therapy dog, helping relax and cheer up the elderly, children and disabled people. Sally says that she brings “a little spot of sunshine in their day.” Here is Lucy in action.

To see Lucy bring smiles to people in need, check out her Facebook page.

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