Top 5 spooky Halloween costumes for dogs

To get you in the Halloween spirit, we’ve witch-hunted our favourite costumes – for dogs! Here are our top 5…

1. The Furry Potter

Furry Potter
‘Hand over the treats, Muggle.’

2. The Prize Pumpkin

Pumpkin Dog

3. The Cerberus

Three-headed dog
‘Mum, why?’

4. Yodog and Princess Leia

Star Wars Dogs
‘Ran off with our stick, Chewbacca did!’

5. The Hungry Minion

The Minion
‘No treats? Despicable!’

Check out our Facebook page to see our furry customers’ costumes. And you still have time to share a pic of your pooch in a Halloween outfit for the chance to win a FREE box.

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